Mar 4

Moving SQL 2016 BizTalk Databases that are in Availability Groups

Last week I had to move some databases quickly from one SQL server environment to another Traditionally you would have built your new SQL servers, backup and

By Mark Brimble
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Aug 19

Can I use a BizTalk WCF-SQL send adapter with a SQL 2012 Always on Database?

I think the answer is no unless you are prepared to accept the risk of duplicates and/or lost messages Let me explain why below This is a summary of

By Mark Brimble
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Mar 2

A nice piece of recursive SQL – Split a delimited string into separate records

I was trying to break a delimited string down today in to a separate record for each delimited value and came across this gem that uses

By Mark Brimble
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Apr 12

Query notification and the BizTalk WCF SQL Adapter: Comments and unresolved questions

I work with a architect who has an obsession about not allowing BizTalk to poll SQL servers We have tried many times to cure their disorder One of the

By Mark Brimble
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Mar 22

Should the WCF-SQL adapter be used in low latency scenarios?

I recently outlined a low latency solution using BizTalk 2010 where the response had to return in less than 1 second 99% of the time The solution was tested

By Mark Brimble
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