Apr 7

BizTalk Map Documenter has moved to Github

The BizTalk Map Documenter has been moved GitHub This was originally started by Charlie Mott and Steve Hart but has been inactive since 2009 I have been using

By Mark Brimble

Apr 7

BizTalk Documenter Has Moved to Github

The BizTalk Documenter on Codeplex has been moved to GitHub Other links on this blog about the BizTalk Documenter

By Mark Brimble

Apr 2

APIM – Add Dumb API Swagger

The article will walkthrough how I used Azure API Management (APIM) to integrate a software as a service application (SaaS) with a dumb API A dumb API is an

By Mark Brimble

Apr 1

NZ Daylight Saving – String Datetime BizTalk Functoid

NZ daylight saving time ends at 3am today (2/3/2017) ends To celebrate this I am going to share a string datetime functoid that I have used  for many

By Mark Brimble

Mar 8

Integrating Apache Active Message Queue(AMQ) with BizTalk Server – Publishing messages Part 3 (ex...

In a previous blog I wrote about an issue when sending a message to an Apache AMQ using the REST API  We decided introduce a workaround in the application

By Mark Brimble

Mar 4

Moving SQL 2016 BizTalk Databases that are in Availability Groups

Last week I had to move some databases quickly from one SQL server environment to another Traditionally you would have built your new SQL servers, backup and

By Mark Brimble

Feb 23

Integrating Apache Active Message Queue(AMQ) with BizTalk Server – Publishing messages Part...

In previous blog I wrote about publishing a message to a AMQ The documentation says “ActiveMQ implements a RESTful API to messaging which allows any web

By Mark Brimble

Feb 8

Auckland Connected User Group (ACSUG)

We are starting to meet again regularly after a long hibernation Thiago Almeida started the group many years ago but it has been in hibernation for  awhile

By Mark Brimble

Jan 9

Can you use the BizTalk MLLP Adapter as a Socket Adapter?

I have been doing  proof of concept where a application connects to BizTalk Server using a TCP/IP stream connection where the application will actively

By Mark Brimble

Dec 5

Integrating Apache ActiveMQ with BizTalk Server – Publishing messages

This blog will describe how we can publish a message using Biztalk server and the Apache ActiveMQ Rest API  In previous blog I wrote about consuming a

By Mark Brimble
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