Feb 10

Azure Topic Subscription Filters

This blogs shows how to set up Topic Subscription Filters Specifically, I will continue to record my experiences migrating a BizTalk interchange In the same

By Mark Brimble

Jul 21

Parsing JSON Array Messages

This post shows how to parse a message that starts and end as an array with BizTalk Server Furthermore I show how a Azure Logic App solution achieves this with

By Mark Brimble

Feb 22

SFTP Polling – Migrating BizTalk Integrations To Azure

This blog will describe how I replaced a BizTalk SFTP receive adapter with an Azure connection Following on from a previous post I present an alternative

By Mark Brimble
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Sep 18

Where has my Azure Service Relay gone?

The Service Bus Preview does not display Azure Service Bus Relays in my hands The Service bus is in preview in the new Azure Portal and I used it to create

By Mark Brimble
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Aug 2

My First Logic App

I really like this logic app pattern The NZ Post parcel events application

By Mark Brimble
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Mar 29

Azure Service Bus Relays, SAS tokens and BizTalk Server

Many people have written about Azure Service Bus Relays in the past and a summary can be found here Dan Rosanova recently tweeted “We're trying to discourage

By Mark Brimble
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Dec 30

Chocolate Boxes

My momma always said, "Life was like a box of chocolates You never know what you're gonna get"  (Forrest Gump) I am sitting here reviewing what i have done

By Mark Brimble
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