Apr 1

NZ Daylight Saving – String Datetime BizTalk Functoid

NZ daylight saving time ends at 3am today (2/3/2017) ends To celebrate this I am going to share a string datetime functoid that I have used  for many

By Mark Brimble
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Aug 23

Using Context Accessor Functoids to extract values from WCF Inbound Custom Headers

I want to give another plug for these functoids It was first reviewed by Eliasen in 3 posts, here, here and here These functoids are quite old and were first

By Mark Brimble
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Jan 22

Copying functoids from one page to another

A question was asked about one of my previous post http://connectedpawnswordpresscom/2009/10/10/copying-functoids-from-one-map-to-another/#comments The

By Mark Brimble
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Oct 10

Copying functoids from one map to another

Have you ever wanted to copy a complex set of logic from one map to another One of my young colleagues, Stephen Scott showed me a quick way to do this the

By Mark Brimble
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