Jul 2

Invalid schemas property definitions

MSI Import Error "Assembly contains property schemas, deployment/removal of which would cause certain document schemas property definitions to become

By Mark Brimble
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Jan 5

My map won't compile – No logical space left to create more user strings.

A colleague of mine came to me with this problem yesterday and it had me beat for a while I asked him to validate the map inside visual studio to see what the

By Mark Brimble
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Aug 18

Please verify that the pipeline strong name is correct and that the pipeline assembly is in the GAC.

Ever had this error I bet you are saying the solution is to to restart the host I did this with one of my clients recently and found that it did not fix the

By Mark Brimble
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Jul 15

xlang/s engine event log entry: Failed while creating a service – BizTalk orchestration won...

Today I came to use my BizTalk 2010 development machine after not using it for a month or so To my horror could not get any orchestration to start I was

By Mark Brimble
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Feb 3

Warning Day light saving testing : Don’t change the time on your BizTalk server unless you are a ...

Today a client asked me to test what happens when daylight saving changes for a solution that am working on I am working with BizTalk 2010 Simple I thought

By Mark Brimble
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