Mar 30

BOM in Azure Logic Apps

This blog tells you about BOM in Azure Logic Apps and what to do about it The Problem This started with a customer request that said "Can the Brand

By Mark Brimble

Jul 10

Line Breaks – Logic App Compose Action

This describes a gotcha with line breaks in the Logic App compose action What is more I will show you how to overcome the issue This story starts with an

By Mark Brimble

Feb 2

Azure Logic Apps – A Custom Tracking ID & Service Bus Triggers

I am going to describe my attempts to add a Custom Tracking ID to a Logic App with a Service Bus Trigger I am stuck and looking for a solution The

By Mark Brimble

May 10

APIM – Caching Responses

This blog shows one simple way to cache an image response using Azure API Management This is the last blog in this series See here for the previous blog

By Mark Brimble

Feb 8

Auckland Connected User Group (ACSUG)

We are starting to meet again regularly after a long hibernation Thiago Almeida started the group many years ago but it has been in hibernation for  awhile

By Mark Brimble

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