Nov 10

Synchronize control numbers

This blog shows a PowerShell script that copies control numbers from one integration account and allows you to add them to another integration account A

By Mark Brimble

Nov 2

Azure SFTP on Blob – Governance

This article shows how I set up some rules for running my Azure SFTP on Blob In the first place, have already shown how Bidone uses the new fully managed SFTP

By Mark Brimble

Oct 22

SFTP Azure API Connection from Hell

This is a tale about a SFTP Azure API Connection that was difficult to support and maintain Additionally, I will tell you some tricks to tame a monster like

By Mark Brimble

Oct 9

Old BizTalk XSLT Tricks 3 – Global XSLT Variables

This final blog in this series talks about how I use global XSLT variables I still use the BizTalk mapper to generate my XSLT for use in our Azure Integration

By Mark Brimble

Oct 8

Old BizTalk XSLT Tricks 2 – Select distinct nodes

This is a re-post of a very old blog that is only accessible via the way back machine now In the first place this continues practice highlighting old blogs

By Mark Brimble

Oct 6

Old BizTalk XSLT Tricks 1 – Array.Contains()

This a story about writing XSLT for use in Azure Integration Account and the ArrayContains() method In the first place I was using the BizTalk mapper to

By Mark Brimble

Oct 1

Logic App Alerts – Governance

This article shows how I govern my Logic App Alerts A real-world video about alerts by Michael Stephenson prompts me to talk about this Our team have a

By Mark Brimble

Sep 20

cXML processing in Azure

This is a story about cXML processing in Azure To begin with our Azure exchange processes cXML orders that contain a DTD declaration without any issues Then

By Mark Brimble

Sep 7

SFTP on Blob – Connecting from an Azure VM

I show an issue I faced in moving all our customers to use SFTP on Blob A long time ago I gave a talk on this on Integration DownUnder I have been meaning to

By Mark Brimble

Aug 16

Disable Azure Metric Alerts

I will show how to disable Azure Alerts using a script To tell the truth, I found this amazingly difficult even though there is documentation about how to do

By Mark Brimble
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