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Feb 22

SFTP Polling – Migrating BizTalk Integrations To Azure

This blog will describe how I replaced a BizTalk SFTP receive adapter with an Azure connection Following on from a previous post I present an alternative

By Mark Brimble

Jan 10

BizTalk WinMgt error solution

WinMgt Symptoms Adding a new 32-bit send handler to a FTP adapter shows an error "The parameter is incorrect (WinMgt)" Furthermore the error does not go away

By Mark Brimble

Oct 20

BizTalk FTP Adapter – Duplicates

The Problem A receive FTP adapter is picking files up twice and creating duplicate during processing This article will investigate the cause and then give a

By Mark Brimble

Oct 13

BizTalk 360 – No Events Monitoring

Walking to work I am enjoying walking to work at the moment and with splendid sights like this you can see why I made a move to a company just up the road

By Mark Brimble

Aug 24

BizTalk 2013 R2 SFTP Adapter – SftpException

SFTP Adapter Issues A new BizTalk 2013R2 SFTP adapter receive location exhibits the following; The event log shows many warning like "The adapter "SFTP"

By Mark Brimble

Aug 22

BizTalk PowerShell Provider Start Stop Receive Location

I am writing this post as a reminder for me how to write a PowerShell Provider script The example I attach stops a receive location and then starts it 1 minute

By Mark Brimble

Aug 8

Login from an untrusted domain

Login failed The login is from an untrusted domain and cannot be used with Windows authentication (Microsoft SQL Server, Error: 18452 This error occurs for a

By Mark Brimble

Jul 6

Last Orchestration – Time Everyone

Today I wrote my last orchestration and left Datacom after ten years  This blog remembers the good and bad times through the eyes of this blog Before

By Mark Brimble

Jul 2

JSON Array – BizTalk JSON Encoder

JSON Array - Recap I have shown previously that the JSON encoder pipeline component creates a JSON array  when there is only one repeating XML fragment if

By Mark Brimble

Jul 2

Invalid schemas property definitions

MSI Import Error "Assembly contains property schemas, deployment/removal of which would cause certain document schemas property definitions to become

By Mark Brimble
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