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Jul 2

Invalid schemas property definitions

MSI Import Error "Assembly contains property schemas, deployment/removal of which would cause certain document schemas property definitions to become

By Mark Brimble

Jun 4

BRE – Element Exists XML Document

I have a BizTalk Business Engine (BRE) policy that gets a optional node from XML document as shown below In particular the excluded parcel type regex

By Mark Brimble

May 28

Creating BizTalk WCF-SQL Adapter schemas

Make sure you create WCF-SQL adapters against the target database Do not use stubs A stub generates metadata that may be different The Microsoft BizTalk

By Mark Brimble

May 6

APIM & Restlet Studio – Converting RAML to Swagger

A group of API developers are creating API's for BizTalk Server to consume and they keep on sending us their RAML API definitions to start our development

By Mark Brimble

Apr 13

BizTalk Business Rules Engine Pipeline Framework has moved to Github

The BizTalk Business Rules Engine Pipeline Framework has been moved GitHub This was originally started by Johann

By Mark Brimble

Apr 11

JSON Encoder hangs forever

Does a JSON Encoder custom pipeline ever run forever for you This article explains why this is happening Furthermore I show  how implementing best practice

By Mark Brimble

Apr 9

WCF-WebHttp Adapter – Basic Authorisation

One of my colleagues Aravindh came to me on Thursday to tell me that he could not get HTTP basic authorisation working using the WCF-WebHttp adapter My first

By Mark Brimble

Apr 7

BizTalk Map Documenter has moved to Github

The BizTalk Map Documenter has been moved GitHub This was originally started by Charlie Mott and Steve Hart but has been inactive since 2009 I have been using

By Mark Brimble

Apr 7

BizTalk Documenter Has Moved to Github

The BizTalk Documenter on Codeplex has been moved to GitHub Other links on this blog about the BizTalk Documenter

By Mark Brimble

Apr 2

APIM – Add Dumb API Swagger

The article will walkthrough how I used Azure API Management (APIM) to integrate a software as a service application (SaaS) with a dumb API A dumb API is an

By Mark Brimble
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