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Jul 21

Parsing JSON Array Messages

This post shows how to parse a message that starts and end as an array with BizTalk Server Furthermore I show how a Azure Logic App solution achieves this with

By Mark Brimble

Jun 30

HTTP Polling

This blog compares a BizTalk to an Azure solution for HTTP polling This can be expensive because a service is called even when there is nothing to be

By Mark Brimble

Jun 19

Why can’t I see Tracked properties for my Logic App?

How do you set up tracked properties for logic App and view them in Azure OMS I think this is an interesting story about a BizTalk guy trying to learn what to

By Mark Brimble

Jun 8

Choosing a BizTalk 2016 Edition

I was planning to upgrade two Standard BizTalk 2013 R2 environments to one BizTalk 2016 environment This blog evaluates which edition is best for me BizTalk

By Mark Brimble

Apr 28

BizTalk Health Monitor Reports CU8 is not installed

  Installing the latest BHM update and running a new report shows that CU8 is not installed I think the BHM is  incorrectly reporting that I do not

By Mark Brimble

Mar 13

Enumeration has not started. Call MoveNext

Testing a BizTalk 2013 R2 map  I got this error; "Enumeration has not started Call MoveNext" What on earth does this mean A quick search reveals this

By Mark Brimble

Feb 22

SFTP Polling – Migrating BizTalk Integrations To Azure

This blog will describe how I replaced a BizTalk SFTP receive adapter with an Azure connection Following on from a previous post I present an alternative

By Mark Brimble

Jan 10

BizTalk WinMgt error solution

WinMgt Symptoms Adding a new 32-bit send handler to a FTP adapter shows an error "The parameter is incorrect (WinMgt)" Furthermore the error does not go away

By Mark Brimble

Oct 20

BizTalk FTP Adapter – Duplicates

The Problem A receive FTP adapter is picking files up twice and creating duplicate during processing This article will investigate the cause and then give a

By Mark Brimble

Oct 13

BizTalk 360 – No Events Monitoring

Walking to work I am enjoying walking to work at the moment and with splendid sights like this you can see why I made a move to a company just up the road

By Mark Brimble
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