Aug 16

Disable Azure Metric Alerts

I will show how to disable Azure Alerts using a script To tell the truth, I found this amazingly difficult even though there is documentation about how to do

By Mark Brimble

Jul 19

Count files in Blob

I show a Powershell script to count files in blob I have a problem with files not being picked up from a Logic App Blob trigger I wrote this script to monitor

By Mark Brimble

Dec 30

How do you use New-AzIntegrationAccountCertificate ?

This blog describes my attempts to load public certificates into an Azure Integration account I am migrating a BizTalk AS2-EDIFACT exchange into Azure As part

By Mark Brimble
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Nov 10

MABS: Lessons in Configuring a (Service Bus) Queue Source

This weekend I keep on getting this error when I tried to deploy a Microsoft Azure BizTalk Services solution; “COQueueSource deployment failed at

By Mark Brimble
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Jun 11

Get-AzurePublishSettingsFile : Could not find publish settings. Please run Import-AzurePublishSet...

I was trying to Install a new Active Directory forest in Windows Azure and got this error at step 1 part 6 when I tried to run Get-AzurePublishSettingsFile

By Mark Brimble

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