Feb 9

Logic App B2B Solution

Today, I am going to write about using the Logic App B2B Solution to monitor AS2/EDIFACT exchanges Microsoft says After you set up B2B communication

By Mark Brimble

Nov 10

Synchronize control numbers

This blog shows a PowerShell script that copies control numbers from one integration account and allows you to add them to another integration account A

By Mark Brimble

Feb 5

AS2 agreements and Azure Integration Accounts

Using this blog you can maintain your AS2 agreements in a Azure Integration account Furthermore, I describe how to maintain EDIFACT agreements too This

By Mark Brimble

Jan 20

AS2 certificates and Azure Integration Accounts

This is a story about how to refresh AS2 certificates in Azure Integration accounts Additionally, I will highlight a gotcha when renewing partner

By Mark Brimble

Feb 28

Azure – Send an EDIFACT Order via AS2

This blog shows how to send an EDIFACT order via AS2 Specifically, I will continue to record my experiences migrating a BizTalk interchange In the same way as

By Mark Brimble

Jan 26

EDIFACT Content Type – BizTalk

This blog tells a story about the wrong EDIFACT content type on an AS2 payload Additionally it presents a solution to the problem EDIFACT Content Type -

By Mark Brimble

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