Jul 2

Invalid schemas property definitions

MSI Import Error "Assembly contains property schemas, deployment/removal of which would cause certain document schemas property definitions to become

By Mark Brimble

Apr 11

JSON Encoder hangs forever

Does a JSON Encoder custom pipeline ever run forever for you This article explains why this is happening Furthermore I show  how implementing best practice

By Mark Brimble
Feature blog image

Aug 5

XSD chokes when using hyphen in element name – “Specify a valid .NET type name for th...

I just got caught with this The solution is to remove the hyphen from the Rootnode TypeName property in the BizTalk schema

By Mark Brimble
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May 27

A Very BizTalk Unfriendly Schema

I have just started to work with a new set of schemas that has required me to use tricks I did not know about The first problem that I struck was that when I

By Mark Brimble

Feb 2

IATA Type B Flat File Movement Schema

In these days of Restful APIs it is easy to forget electronic data interchange legacy data formats that existed well before the birth of the internet I was

By Mark Brimble
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