IATA Type B Flat File Movement Schema

Posted: February 2, 2014  |  Categories: BizTalk Uncategorized

In these days of Restful APIs it is easy to forget electronic data interchange legacy data formats that existed well before the birth of the internet. I was recently asked to consume one of these old formats called a IATA Type B movement message using BizTalk Server. IATA Type B messages were originally designed to be used by teletype machines . An excellent description of IATA Type B – Legacy Data Format and challenges for it use in the modern internet world has been published by John Pawlicki. This blog will describe the XSD schemas I created to represent the IATA Type B movement message. I have decided to share these because the project to consume these messages within BizTalk was cancelled and I feel these may be useful to someone else. I am not aware of any XSD’s that have been published to represent IATA Type B message but an Online IATA Telex processor has been published which uses MULE ESB. You can download my XSD schemas here as Visual Studio BizTalk 2013 solution. These schemas where designed following Johann’s flat file pattern using choice nodes. image

This covered a selection of 15 test cases that we had been asked to address. I hope this helps someone else. Please drop me a line if you use these schemas.


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