May 15

Migrating to Azure – A Project Plan

This shares the project plan and continues from on my previous post Furthermore, this pulls together what I said before in the 3 presentations below; April

By Mark Brimble

Feb 25

BizTalk360 – Secure SQL Queries

This post talks about using Secure SQL Queries in BizTalk360 To demonstrate I walk though a scenario that shows how to expose BizTalk data to users safely

By Mark Brimble

Dec 15

Exception occurred when persisting state to the database

This is tale about the BizTalk exception in the title and how solve it A Google search reveals that many BizTalk developers have seen this error before The

By Mark Brimble

Jan 10

BizTalk WinMgt error solution

WinMgt Symptoms Adding a new 32-bit send handler to a FTP adapter shows an error "The parameter is incorrect (WinMgt)" Furthermore the error does not go away

By Mark Brimble

Feb 20

Zero Byte Files – BizTalk Server

This post summarises what happens when some BizTalk Adapters picks up a zero byte file I am using BizTalk Server 2013 R2 with CU2 for these tests First let’s

By Mark Brimble
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Dec 11

Authenticating Salesforce REST API calls to custom Apex endpoints

Seroter has shown us how to call the Forcecom REST API from BizTalk Server and we used this to successfully call standard Forcecom objects like

By Mark Brimble
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Oct 10

BizTalk 2013 Solution Template

The mad coder has blogged about a BizTalk 2010/ Visual Studio 2008 Solution template based on Dan Rosanova’s book – BizTalk Patterns 2010 If you try to

By Mark Brimble
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Apr 21

Windows Updates for BizTalk 2013

Here is the first windows update for BizTalk I have ever seen I wonder if the updates for HIS 2013 will now come the same

By Mark Brimble

Feb 11

BizTalk and Rest Example from BizTalk Saturday

This is one of my demonstrations from BizTalk Saturday at Auckland on 9/02/2013 This event was organised by Bill Chestnut and Nikolai Blackie I was asked if

By Mark Brimble
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Dec 30

Chocolate Boxes

My momma always said, "Life was like a box of chocolates You never know what you're gonna get"  (Forrest Gump) I am sitting here reviewing what i have done

By Mark Brimble
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