Oct 9

Old BizTalk XSLT Tricks 3 – Global XSLT Variables

This final blog in this series talks about how I use global XSLT variables I still use the BizTalk mapper to generate my XSLT for use in our Azure Integration

By Mark Brimble

Oct 8

Old BizTalk XSLT Tricks 2 – Select distinct nodes

This is a re-post of a very old blog that is only accessible via the way back machine now In the first place this continues practice highlighting old blogs

By Mark Brimble

Oct 6

Old BizTalk XSLT Tricks 1 – Array.Contains()

This a story about writing XSLT for use in Azure Integration Account and the ArrayContains() method In the first place I was using the BizTalk mapper to

By Mark Brimble

Jun 28

The ‘Xslt’ action failed due to incompatible map

This blog tells you about what do if you get this error "BadRequest The 'Xslt' action failed due to incompatible map" in an Azure Logic app" This is all to do

By Mark Brimble

May 26

 msxsl scripting for Logic App XSLT

This is story about the limitations of msxsl scripting for XSLT Before In my last blog I found that I was unable to call an assembly from XSLT if it

By Mark Brimble

May 25

Assembly call from Logic App XSLT

In my last blog I said I want use an assembly instead of a BizTalk functoid in a Logic App For this reason I show how I tried it here In the first place, I

By Mark Brimble

May 20

Cross Referencing functoids – Azure Migration

How do you migrate a BizTalk solution containing Cross Referencing Value functoids to Azure This answers a question from one of my previous blogs The

By Mark Brimble

Jan 12

Azure Integration Account XSLT – omit-xml-declaration

This blog shows that Azure XSLT maps ignore the omit-xml-declaration tag  Additionally it discusses some consequences and a workaround The issue with

By Mark Brimble
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Jun 14

XSLT Call Templates – Using a Grandparent xsl:for-each from a Grandchild xsl:for each

The only examples  I could find was this forum question The forum Q&A is not clear and suggested that one has to use a series of call templates with

By Mark Brimble
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Jun 1

An example of a XSLT loop: Using a BizTalk XSLT Call Template in a Scripting functoid

This post is about using a recursive XSLT Call Template to create many elements from one using an incrementing counter I found this example interesting and

By Mark Brimble

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