Nov 2

Azure SFTP on Blob – Governance

This article shows how I set up some rules for running my Azure SFTP on Blob In the first place, have already shown how Bidone uses the new fully managed SFTP

By Mark Brimble

Sep 7

SFTP on Blob – Connecting from an Azure VM

I show an issue I faced in moving all our customers to use SFTP on Blob A long time ago I gave a talk on this on Integration DownUnder I have been meaning to

By Mark Brimble

May 16

OpenText GXS is not supported by Azure SFTP-SSH

I will show you how to connect to the OpenText GXS SFTP server from Azure The Microsoft SFTP-SSH connector currently doesn't support this SFTP server Logic

By Mark Brimble

Feb 22

SFTP Polling – Migrating BizTalk Integrations To Azure

This blog will describe how I replaced a BizTalk SFTP receive adapter with an Azure connection Following on from a previous post I present an alternative

By Mark Brimble

Aug 24

BizTalk 2013 R2 SFTP Adapter – SftpException

SFTP Adapter Issues A new BizTalk 2013R2 SFTP adapter receive location exhibits the following; The event log shows many warning like "The adapter "SFTP"

By Mark Brimble
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Apr 13

BizTalk 2013 SFTP Adapter – “BizTalk host Receiving throttled because ProcessMemory e...

One of our administrators observed this error after adding a new SFTP receive location and this article describes my analysis and solution to this problem The

By Mark Brimble

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