Two things that annoy me about the BizTalk 2010 mapper

Posted: November 5, 2011  |  Categories: BizTalk Uncategorized

The new mapper in BizTalk 2010 is major improvement on the old BizTalk mapper but a couple of things real bug me.

1. In the old map if you had a greater than functoid on the page and you wanted to change it to say less than all you had to do was drag the less than functoid from the toolbox and drop it on the the greater than functoid. With the new mapper you have to delete the greater than functoid and then add the less than functoid and then reconnect all your links.

2.Nodes expand at unexpected times for example if you paste  a looping functoid to the page and then connect this functoid to another repeating the node the whole node opens and you often lose your place in the map. The auto expanding of nodes gets really annoying when the expanded node had a lot of children. I was wish there was some way to turn this feature off.

If anyone knows how to do this please mail me.


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