Exploring BizTalk 2013 Beta – Connecting a DB2 Adapter to V10 DB2 database

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One of our customers has started an on a project to upgrade their DB2 version 9.1 database running on Solaris to DB2 version 10.01 running on Linux. We currently use BizTalk DB2 adapters to get and save data to the 9.1 version of the database using BizTalk 2010 CU6 and HIS CU5.

I was asked to make sure that BizTalk could still connect to a the upgraded version of the DB2 database . I was dismayed that although I could connect to the the new version, I could not bind an packages or run any queries using BizTalk 2010.

DB2 connectionDB2package

I also tried upgrading my development system to HIS CU6. This also did not solve my problem.

After consulting the data sheet for the DB2 adapter for BizTalk 2010 I discovered that DB2 v 10.01 is not supported.

DB2 datasheet

I consulted the data sheet for the DB2 adapter for BizTalk 2013 it claimed support for v 10 as well as for v9.1, v9.5 and v9.7. Thus I installed the beta version of Host Integration Services (HIS) 2013 on a beta version of BizTalk Server 2013 and tried the same test. I was pleased to find that now the I could bind and run queries against the v10 DB2 database. This all made perfect sense to the DB2 DBA’s i was working with because they thought that key word “KEEPDYN” is no longer valid in v10.

Well done Microsoft you have saved this project! I will now have to go to the project manager and tell them that they may have to upgrade to HIS 2013 to be able to connect to v10 of a DB2 database. I cannot find any information at that moment that says whether there will be release of HIS2010 that will include support for v10 of DB2 or whether you can run HIS2013 on a BizTalk 2010 server.


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