Installing the Windows Azure BizTalk Services SDK on a Development Machine

Posted: June 17, 2013  |  Categories: Azure Uncategorized

I have had a frustrating weekend trying to install the Talk Adapter Service Runtime environment on my development environment and am going to write about it here. I am following "Installing the Windows Azure BizTalk Services SDK – June 2013 Preview" and keep on getting the error below when I tried to install the BizTalk Adapter services runtime. I can install the tools on the same server without error, “Microsoft BizTalk Adapter Service Setup Wizard Ended prematurely”.


I built another Development just in case I had some rubbish on the one I was using. This just gave the same error. By this stage I was getting pretty annoyed and shouting Microsoft expletives to anyone that would listen.

This morning I came to work and Mahindra Morar solved my problem. He suggested running the install as the user that installed the development machine. Amazingly this worked. It seems that it is not sufficient for user who installs the runtime to be in the local adminstrators group, they must be domain adminstrator if you are on a domain.


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