Microsoft Azure Examples – The remote server returned an error: (407) Proxy Authentication Required.

Posted: April 1, 2014  |  Categories: Azure Uncategorized

I have received this error  many times over the last six months while I have been trying to run Azure examples. Most Azure examples assume that you are not running behind a corporate firewall or a proxy that requires authentication. This error is frustrating for an Azure newbie because you inevitably have to spend a lot of time working out some way to circumvent the problem.

The solution I have generally found that works is to edit the app.config file and add the following lines somewhere;

< defaultProxy useDefaultCredentials=”true”>
< proxy bypassonlocal=”True” usesystemdefault=”True”/>
< /defaultProxy>
< />

See and for examples.

Today I have been trying this example that uses Windows store App and I am busted because i cannot find a config file to edit. I could not find a good way to get the Windows Store App to use the credentials that IE uses. In the end I had to use a proxy that does not use authentication.

I hate this error and wish that Azure examples would mention how you run them behind corporate firewalls and proxies.

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