BAM: My Activity Search has stopped showing new data

Posted: April 4, 2014  |  Categories: BizTalk Uncategorized
Tags: BAM

One of my colleagues deployed a BAM activity to a BizTalk QA environment a couple of weeks ago and was happy because it was collecting tracking data. Today he went back to the same BAM portal and was not happy because no new data has been displayed since last week.

I suggested that he try redeploying tracking profile again. He brought up the tracking profile editor and tried to redeploy and got an error like this;


Why was this failing when it had worked a couple of weeks ago? After checking the BizTalk Administration console we discovered that indeed this port did not exist. Eventually one of our other colleagues confessed to deleting this port the previous week. No new tracking data was being captured because the deployed tracking profile was not correct.

Editing the port names through the tracking profile editor is not possible because the missing port is not displayed.


The tracking profile must be saved as an XML file , edited to remove the missing port and then imported again using the tracking profile editor.

Once this was done my colleague was happy again because he could see real-time tacking data again. Smile


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