Azure BizTalk services–My learning’s 4 Troubleshooting

Posted: June 13, 2014  |  Categories: BizTalk Uncategorized

I discovered today how to troubleshoot using the WADLogsTable with the help of “Getting Started with BizTalk Azure Services”  by Jon Fancey et al.

I was calling some custom code to write to on-premise  SQL server from a bridge with also wrote to Blob storage. The file was being written Blob storage but I was not seeing anything being written to my SQL database and I saw no tracking error. Jon’s book told me to use the Azure Storage Explorer to look at the Azure Storage table called WADLogstable. Sure enough I could see an error “BAS_LOB_CONFIGURATION_NOT_FOUND”. Now I just have to work out what is not configured properly.

I also discovered you can query storage tables directly with server explorer in visual studio.



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