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Colin Dijkgraaf and myself have released a version of the BizTalk Documenter for BizTalk 2013 and an update for the BizTalk Documenter  for BizTalk 2010.

These releases fix the following issues and have added some new functionality;

  1. Added a WIX installer to the project.
  2. Fixed several inner exceptions within the application.
  3. Suspend and Terminate orchestration Shapes are now documented.
  4. The Send Port Filters are now documented.
  5. The pipelines are now linked on a Send Port.
  6. The halt function in the Business Rules is now documented.
  7. The Hosts are now showing the correct Receive locations and Send ports running on the hosts.
  8. The Send handlers are now documented.
  9. Correlation Sets on Send & Receive shapes is now documented.
  10. The Decision shape code in an Orchestration is now documented.
  11. The correct description for the contains predicate in a business rule is now documented.
  12. Orchestration filter expressions are now documented.
  13. Pipeline Component configurations are now documented.
  14. The correct pipelines are now being documented on the receive locations.
  15. Compensate orchestration shapes are now documented.
  16. Call orchestration shapes are now documented.
  17. Delay orchestration shapes are now documented.
  18. Throw orchestration shapes are now documented.
  19. Rules orchestration shapes are now documented.
  20. Group orchestration shapes are now documented.
  21. Suspend orchestration shapes are now documented.
  22. Secondary Transport on a send port is now documented.

Please add feedback to the Codeplex site if you have any questions or comments.

Here are some screenshoots of the the new functionality

On starting the BizTalk 2013 documenter you now have an extra button called Select SSO documentation. If you want to document a SSO Application select it on the screen.


The enhanced business rule documentation looks like


The improved pipeline documentation looks like


The improved send port documentation looks like


An example of documenting the group orchestration shape is shown below



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