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Posted: March 11, 2017  |  Categories: Azure BizTalk General

My old blog at http://connectedpawns.wordpress.com is now being redirected to http://connectedpawns.com. All the old content is still there but it has been refreshed to a new more modern look. I thank Saravana Kumar and the BizTalk 360 team for sponsoring my blog and doing all the hard work to move my blog to its own domain.

The goals of my blog are;

      • Record my daily experiences with software integration.
      • Share want I am doing with other like minded people.
      • Communicate important issues.

Looking back at my old blog articles I am surprised that I have been writing now for more than 8 years. My first post is here on Sept 23, 2008. I enjoy writing and I find it cathartic after a bad day. I also find it useful to know where I have been and where I am going.

What can you expect from my blog going forward ? Over the coming weeks I am going to refresh some of the old blogs with better pictures. I will continue to write about integration, but this year I will write more about Azure integration as I get to grips with all this new stuff.

Below is picture of Spring outside where I live which is rather fitting way to end the announcement of the rebirth of my blog.

Pity the weather here is the pits at the moment. We have had more rain in one day than we normally have in one month , 121 milliliters.


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