Why can’t I see Tracked properties for my Logic App?

Posted: June 19, 2018  |  Categories: Azure

How do you set up tracked properties for logic App and view them in Azure OMS? I think this is an interesting story about a BizTalk guy trying to learn what to do in Logic Apps.

Setting up Tracked properties

Microsoft says try the following. My mate Mahindra gives a better guide here.

  1. Set up diagnostic logs on the logic app.
  2. Edit the code view of the logic app, added a tracked properties tag and saved it. 
  3. Looking at my Logic App OMS runs I don’t see the tracked properties.What gives I have followed all the guidance? The issue is I can’t access the property on the message. I had thought that by adding the JSON schema I would be able to access the tags and assign a property but I can’t. Let me explain.

The Answer

My Logic App is simple passing a body through and that is the problem. It is a bit like a BizTalk developer trying to access a context property without using a XML dissembler.Looking at the inputs, outputs and trigger body I find they are all base 64 encoded. That is the reason I can’t access the purchase order number tag.Modifying the logic app and adding a session id or PO number forces a’For each’ loop. This busts the base 64 content into tags I can get at.
I liken this to passing an XML message through a XML dissembler in BizTalk to enable access to a context property.

Editing the code behind I can get at the purchase order number tag on the JSON.Finally if I query OMS I see the property.This is all a bit tough for newbie, albeit an experienced BizTalk developer to work out. It is a bit of a shame that this cost another action on the logic app but the extra information is useful for us. The lesson learned is that there is a penalty, in my case an extra action if you want to track message properties.


  • I’d recommend in an integration eco-system that relies heavily on Logic Apps to use Nodinite. This gets all tracked properties without the need to add new actions. Also it connects both worlds of BizTalk and Azure based integrations in one single platform.

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